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Standard Edition

Rent Time:

1080 p

Audio Format:
Dolby Digital

70 mins



- English - Français - Deutsch - 日本語
- Italiano - Norsk - Español - Nederlands
- Dansk - Svenska - Suomi - Português

In Taeter City, there is no crime. Using Zeed radio waves, the city’s dictatorship cause criminals to commit suicide. Their corpses are processed and sold as fast-food by conglomerates who nourish the ravenous populace. It was a perfect system…until Zeed started making the criminals stronger…

In Taeter City, everithing is managed by the iron fist of the ruling dictatorship known as the Authority.
Using a special radio wave system named Zeed, they can distinguish between the criminals in society, and the typical law-abiding citizens. These radio waves alter the demented brains of criminals, forcing them to commit suicide in various horribile ways.
A special police corps called the Bikers retrieves the corpses and delivers them to massive slaughterhouses. These in turn supply the mega fast food chains with the human flesh product that they need, in order to feed the hungry masses on a non-stop basis.
Here there are no criminals, no crimes, no riots, and no crisis... until now.
The Zeed System is no longer functioning as it should: the criminals are no longer killing themselves; in fact, the radio waves are making them stronger!
Come follow the crazy, blood-soaked mission of three biker officers – Razor, shock and wank – as they attempt to regain control of the chaos that threatens to tear Taeter City apart.
With Taeter City we give you an '80s movie vibe; insane technology; manga style; over-the-top action; blood, blood... and more blood!


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