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Taeter Burger
In the year 2161, the dictatorship of a newly-formed small American state, Taeter City, has lowered the crime rate and solved the hunger crisis by turning criminals into the latest fast food craze, served exclusively at Taeter Burger restaurants.
In this crazy world, an android and three Taeter Burger employees must fight for their lives when their restaurant is attacked by a genetically altered terrorist. Robotic traps, crazed cops, the restaurant's malignant manager, and an army of murderous mutants, are just a part of the atrocities they must face before they discover the truth behind the terrorist attack.

Help us create the craziest movie of our catalogue, and be part of cinema history!

“TAETER BURGER”, the second chapter of Taeter City saga, is 80% shot, we just need to complete the last “final massacre” and post-produce the entire movie.
Taeter Burger is going to be released in 2022 (exact release date to be announced) and we’re putting every shred of our financial and filmmaking efforts into making Taeter Burger the craziest movie of our entire catalogue.
The movie will feature life-like practical effects, advanced animatronics, astonishing digital FX, outrageous futuristic weapons, and of course gore and insanity the likes of which you’ve NEVER seen before… not even in our previous movies.
Taeter Burger and Adam Chaplin 2 will re-define our standards, both artistically and technically, starting a new Necrostorm era!


Caronte Caronte
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