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Fund The Inferno

You, Frank Zimosa, have recklessly sacrificed two of the five elements that comprised your soul, while you were trapped inside the Hotel Inferno, and now a Demon lives in that void. Deceived and possessed, you wake up in what appears to be "reality", chained and surrounded by humans, with only one simple question in your mind: "What the fuck is going on?!" You'll have to squeeze, rip and grind a lot of bodies, before you find the answer.

The production of the fourth chapter of Frank's odyssey is proceeding, but we need your help to raise the necessary budget to create this new movie.

After 5 successful crowdfunding campaigns, we can safely guarantee you that investing in our projects is just like pre-ordering a title without knowing the release date.
Basically you are just directly purchasing:
- The priceless reward of being credited in cinema history
- Unique and exclusive collectibles and perks
- and of course the physical movie itself.

We are over excited to create this movie with our New Quality Standards, and let you witness the most gory and action packed experience we ever created in POV. Fund now "PENTACOLUM: The Forest of Decay (aka HOTEL INFERNO 4)" and help us create the new chapter of this INFERNO.


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