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BASIC INFO:Necrostorm is multiethnic company that produces : Movies, Videogames,and Cartoons. It has been founded  by Giulio De Santi in 2009, but it became operative only in December 2010, after a long consolidation period. PRODUCTION: Recruiting young professionals through the web, and  managing the 80% of all production processes exclusively via the web, we are creating a new work process. All professionals who work with us maintain their own head offices, creating a dynamic and solid working relationship. In this way, the staff can work in the environment they prefer, avoiding any form of artistic limitation and forced cohabitation. DISTRIBUTION:-Necrostorm is the first company that takes care of every production steps: from the design, to direct distribution In this way, We "keep away" from traditional companies' stereotypes and limitations (censure and marketing-constraints) FANS REQUESTS: We collect all the fan's requests and suggestions: and we try to insert / apply them to our products. We want to give our fans, what they really want to see.

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